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Get specific websites
Hey everyone, wondering how i can scrape up very specific sites?

Example: Lets say i want to scrape up construction companies, I scrape up on the keyword scraper: construction, builders, and when i harvest URL's i get like 5000 url's that have not much to do with construction.

I want them to me more specific, maybe with only the .com where i wont have to deal with all of that- and then i could export them to the email scraper premium to have emails scraped. 

Anyone have an official way to get through this?
You could just filter out all the urls not containing


after your done harvesting.

you could also add

to your footprint but that will get your proxies blocked faster.

Also to get more specific results just set your results lower. you have to understand google and all engines want to post big numbers, but they put 99% of their effort into getting the top 10 results on point and then it starts to drop on relevancy from there. There is a point where it drops off like a cliff and is totally not relevant in many cases. Humans almost never go that deep in teh results, but scrapebox will.

So just set results to like 100 or even 25 and then just use more keywords and/or locations to get more relevant results.

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