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Getting traffic to your landing page via BLOG SPAM
I don't get why there isn't much talk about this if any.
I get the SEO aspect but can you actually get sales by just the blog commenting?
I understand most will just be directed towards the blog owner as they'll not approve your comment anyway but even then if you sell them something SEO related aren't any of them going to buy?

Is this tool worth using to spam your affiliate links/products/email capture ? Or is that a waste of time and this should only be used to make a few quality backlinks + the scraper functionalities.
Sure, I know people that have done this and I myself have done this. It just depends. So like I use infusionsoft forms and I did this for a squeeze page. Well someone complained to infusionsoft and infusionsoft just bends at anyone that even thinks the word spam, so they basically said I had to stop or lose my account.

Now you could easily get all your compeitors that are using such a system banned, which is stupid and infusionsoft is weak and lame in this area, but they just want to make money first and foremost and customers come 2nd or 3rd down the list.

So you have to be careful, but if you own the site where you are sending them, so long as no one complains to your host, your good. So just use proxies and most people will complain to the proxy ip.

But yes it works.

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