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Give me some tips for creat a blog??
hi all,
Give me some tips for creat a blog ... Which theme i should choose?? for attract vistors on my blog???
The theme depends on what type of blog you're creating. Adsense then you would want an adsense theme, affiliate product reviews then you want a theme that caters to that, etc.
It depends on what topic your blog is ///
According to me some tips for create a blog following below....

Tell them what to do - a reader should never complete one of your articles, and left thinking "how can I do?" Your call to action as soon as possible to answer this question, and give the reader some direction. It is usually best in the blog article, the end of the video or article.

Keep it simple - your call to action should always be very easy to understand and implement. If it is too complex, and your readers will not do. Also, consider that they may face in your phone into action by any of the following obstacles, the obstacles may dismantle their interest in you.

There can be only a call to action - the time of your readers and you are just as precious. If you give them one more thing, they probably will not do.

It is - people like to use positive thoughts and ideas, so remember this, write your call to action. Including any possible negative impact of your message, how it is received.

The main benefit of the make - a clear, complete the call to action. If you lead them to a website or e-mail communications, and explain why they need to take action. In addition, you have their attention, so tell them now to complete the action. This may be the only one experiencing your work, use the call to action to open a professional possibility of the development of relations.

Display the full website address - if your article is picked up and publishers reprinted the full website address to ensure that the link will remain in the reprinted version. On the other hand, the anchor text may not be reprinted friendly. Use the full website address, but also help to establish their own brand.
For creating a successful blog You should always write for your reader, I hate reading a post that’s soul purpose was to get ranked in Google, it’s pointless. Having said that, it’s important to optimize it as well as possible.
Here's a great list of free responsive Wordpress themes:
It's really good to know that there are so many free themes
now available for blogspot blogs. I have built several blogspot
blogs and these themes really help a lot in making sure my blogs
look professional and attractive Smile

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