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google indexer checker
This is not a bug or an issue it is SUPPOSED to work like this.   Smile

Whenever you have a delay set, in 99.9% of ANY functions in scrapebox, connections will always be 1.  Because the theory is, if you need a delay, you shouldn't be running more then 1 connection.  Further if you can afford to run more then 1 connection you can just do away with the delay.

The entire premise is about going too fast.   So there is a direct correlation between delay and connections so lower the connections equals going slower, when you get down to 1 connection if thats not slow enough, then you simply start adding a delay.  

So Nothing is wrong, there is no bug, just turn off the delay.  Bear in mind 2 things

1 - every other function in scrapebox that uses a delay, also works this way

2 - going to fast will get your proxies banned, so starting slower is safer.


OP and in general

You have min threads set to 25, so if you have connections set to 25 or less, then it will immediately stop, because you have reached the min threads.  When you have a delay set, it sets connections to 1.  1 is less then 25, so the index checker immediately stops.

So min threads is generally mostly useful when using the automator, and in average daily life, if you are not using the automator then you can set it to 0.  If you are using a delay, you can not use min threads at all. 

min threads attempts to kill any remaining threads, when that number is reached.  This is to combat 3rd party apps and windows from locking threads and grinding an automator process to a halt. 

So set min threads to 0 unless your using the automator, and if you are using the automator then you need to be using at least 2 threads if you are setting min threads to 1. 

This is my advice, you can experiment, but thats how it works.

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