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Google not working
I've been using scrape box for the past month but I've come across this error where the google search engine isn't working. I tried setting the delay to 30 seconds but the 10 secs after it gives error. I've use private and public HQ proxies but nothing works? I also reloaded the default search engines to no avail.
copy and past from scrapebox support

"Google changes their code from time to time and breaks scrapebox and we simply release a new engine update to fix it. However many users customize the engines to a significant degree for various purposes, so we do not force engine updates as it overwrites users engine modifications.

On that note, if you do have modified engines, the below steps will overwrite them, so make sure you Back them up first!

If you go to settings >> harvester engine configuration >> import >> download default engines

Then you will have the latest engine file and google will work.

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