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Harvester, No proxies, 1 Thread, 20 sec delay, No results
Try a massive delay, like 500 as a test. When you harvest with scrapebox its using no javascript results and that gives scrapebox the control and so google blocks differently then when using a browser. When using a browser your using javascript and that gives google control and so they are more lenient on blocking. You can try turning off javascript in your browser and try it.

Maybe on the popup, but server proxies are on the back burner right now. Its just public proxies that you can scrape with scrapebox anyway, and they have bigger things they are working on and dealing with and so few people use them anyway.

At any rate its all about speed. So if you find the right delay of what google thinks looks like a human then you won't get blocked. else you will get blocked.

If that delay is too painful then proxies is the way to go as that effectively lets you go faster.

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RE: Harvester, No proxies, 1 Thread, 20 sec delay, No results - by loopline - 08-03-2021, 03:45 AM

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