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Having Trouble With Simple Footprint
Hey Guys

I am trying to do a simple scape but seem to be having problems.

I have just 6 keywords and I want to combine them with the intitle: as well, I not sure I can even do this with scrapebox?

Anyway this is what I have tried without success.

"keywords" + inurl:keyword
inurl:keyword + "Keywords"

Using the term "Keywords" I assumed refered to the 6 keywords I have entered. So it would check each keyword in google and also would make sure that the keyword was also in the url.

I have tried it with the keywords and just inurl:keyword, but when checking the results the keyword is not found in the url with most of the results.

What am I doing wrong?


if you have a list of 6 keywords, you need to use the %KW% placeholder (not the word "keyword")

the best way to do this is to create a merge file (a simple text file), with each footprint listed on a new line, like so:

"%KW%" inurl:"%KW"
"%KW%" intitle:"%KW%"

then use the M button to merge this file with your keyword list and go harvest!

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