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How i can use Scrapebox rapid Indexer
Thanks for this list. Hope my links will get indexed faster than before! Smile

I am wondering about the best way to use the indexer. I don't want to be sandboxed so was wondering, do people use it to index a few links a day or is it fine to index a large number of low quality links a day, as long as you already have an extensive back link profile?

Can anyone explain how I can check the link that leave using Scrapebox rapid Indexer eg &url={website} contained in alive.txt

thanks for the list mod I've been searching for this
I want to find a website for Rapid Indexer.
Using the footprint is to harvest the website indexer using the SB?
I would just google for free rapid indexer lists. You can get free lists of over 100K urls. Its not a simple footprint, its a tad complex to build your own lists.
Yeah, I also use free online indexer, it's more convenient but if you
really want to use SB, check their tutorial here;
I found a list from another forum and ran indexer the other day. I am just wondering how does it take to index a website?

By the way, I found the list here-->
might be helpful to some.
how long? Can be the same day.

How does it index the site? It loads those urls, which effectively creates them and then the starting sites link to those new pages and google crawls thru from the starting page to the new page and then to your page.

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