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How many private proxies are enough?
I know the answer should always be "as many as you can afford" haha...I get it.

I already have 5 dedicated proxies (I use for Instagram) and I just bought 10 more shared for a total of 15.  I'm still in the noob stage and just experimenting with all the features so I can learn them.  Do you think 15 is sufficient?  Can I be kinda/sorta aggressive with Google on 15?  Is 15 pretty good for posting?

How aggressive can I be with google url scraping with 15?

I'm just trying to get a ballpark guesstimate on how many proxies will allow me to do....______?

thanks for all your help!!
So no you don't need as many proxies as you can afford actually. I have nearly 500 private proxies, but I could afford more, but thats totally pointless.

Its all about speed, if you can go as fast as you need to go, then your set. If you can make more money by going faster ,and you can manage it all, and you can afford more proxies, then buy more proxies. For me it boils down to what is most cost effective.

You can't really ever get aggressive with google, google is fixed. Its simply linear, the more proxies you have the faster you can go.

With 15 proxies, you can probably use 1 connection with a 30 to 60 second delay. Im guessing, but you can test, and it depends on the query type your using.

Additionally this video on how to safely scrape google in 2019, should be helpful:

Or you can try this alternative approach to scraping google. Many people find this method useful and/or quicker/easier:
thanks!! I will watch both videos now.

I'm having a lot of fun learning what I can and can't do with Scrapebox and am finding that in many cases, other search engines are just as capable as Google. I think I accidentally blacklisted a proxy, but that's cool Smile

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