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How Should We Be Link Building If at All
(02-20-2014, 12:37 PM)JohnnyDebt Wrote: In the good old days, back links were king. Since then a lot of changes have taken place and I am under the impression that almost any back link could be detrimental to a site. Am I correct in this line of thinking?

If so, how should we be using scrapebox, to optimise our sites?

Consider SB as a swiss army knife mate! It has numerous amount of tools you can use with it that even advanced users don't know all of its actual potential 100% !

In regards to link building , you can use it as tier 3 linkjuice with blog commenting and trackbacks! Point to your wikis, your bookmarks etc.. It works like a charm!

You need to index an amount of backlinks ? You can use rapid indexer !

You want to Ping particular URLs , you can use the Ping mode instead of post.

RSS Feed submission to Feed services ? No problem, there is an option for this too!

Obviously scrape. Literally everything. The possibilities are endless! I find old deleted high pr domains to buy, high pr blogs to post, spy on competition, scrape lists to use for posting with other tools, you name it ! It is the backbone of my work!

You can check page rank, alexa ranking , check website's backlinks, authority, check broken links, scrape images, link alive check, ohh man.. the list goes on and on, visit the tutorials and make sure you have a lot of time in your hands cause this is Pandoras Box !

Best Regards,

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