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How to Buy Scrapebox?
Ok, I have been having an absolute nightmare of a time purchasing Scrapebox and need some help.

The support guy is very rude and hard to get information out of.

Problem 1: The PayPal I normally would use for business purchases has a broken email.  Can't access the inbox.  So I can't use that paypal to purchase Scrapebox - because it sends all the purchase information to the primary paypal email used when buying.

So to address that I ended up having to use a personal email to make the purchase.  My business had to send me money, so I could make the purchase for them.

New Problem:

Problem 2: Now the scrapebox license has my dead name in it.  My legal birth name, which I do not want to hand out in the form of a license to numerous strangers I don't really trust.  (VAs etc.)

I've asked Scrapebox support if they will change the name on the license for me.  But I've seen the issue come up in the past for others on the forums, and the answer to them was no.  So I'm fully expecting scrapebox support to just give me the finger on this issue as well.

This leaves me with no workable copy of Scrapebox.  Bank accounts and credit cards filled with money, but no way to actually buy scrapebox.

Are there any other options available to me to buy this thing?  Buy people's old copies maybe?

Scrapebox themselves do not seem to want me as a customer.  (I say this because of how rude the support is being to me.)
Perhaps there is a language barrier or details you left out, because support has been nothing but kind and helpful for more then 10 years.

You dont need access to the email address to use the license, the license details are just your name ,email and paypal transaction ID.

So you could have purchased with the business email or just fixed the email I guess.

That aside, you already bought with personal so if you have NOT yet activated scrapebox the license could be transferred into the business name. If you already activated scrapebox then your license details are locked and cannot be changed.

However I don't see why you couldn't say that the license details are those of someone else in your company when you hand them out to a VA they don't need to know that it's you.

If your wanting to buy again with the business address you can just get the transaction ID out of the PayPal account and then put in the business email even though it doesn't work and then put in whatever name you want and you're good.

Or you can buy with Bitcoin if your wanting to buy again.
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Oh this sounds great! Thanks

Ok so I haven't actually activated this copy I bought on a personal account yet.

How would I activate it using the business name? Should I just fill in the email and transaction ID inside of scrapebox, and then for the "Name" put in the Business Name?
I "believe" that you should just be able to put in the business name and trans id and the email and submit.

However since it's locked once you submit it I would hold off I'm currently checking with support and I'll post back when I hear back from them
Support replied and said they got you all set up

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