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How to Combine Scrapebox and GSA
I harvested 200k URLs from Scrapebox
Then I filter Remove duplicate URLs in scrapebox.
Next , in GSA , I right click on the project and click choose file import target url which I harvested from scrapebox .
but the result is bad .
Image : http://prnt.sc/b68c63
1 submitted and 3 verifed for 200k URLs
And the project notification : No target to post ......
Image : http://prnt.sc/b68c6q
I used 10 private proxies , and they still work well .
Please help me , how to Combine GSA and Scrapebox ?
Thanks .
Make sure you export from Scrapebox as an ansi encoded file or just go to options >> default file export format - and select ANSI.

GSA doesn't support Unicode that is the default export format from Scrapebox and thus it could cause this.

Of course if you have a bad footprint to scrape with then you may just have a bad list.

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