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How to find new sites for the Indexer please?
Thanks for that. Honestly, I'm in learning mode mostly. I have a couple of my own sites I'm promoting via SEO, social media, etc., I'm in a period of transition from work that I've been doing for 20 years to something new. I'm not sure which direction I'm going just yet. I have picked up at least one fairly well paying client to do SEO and backlinks. I'm going to use him mostly at a learning lab and give him the benefit of all my testing an experimenting and will package those efforts into a product to offer others in an automated-agency style service. But, for the most part, I don't want customers in the traditional sense where I do customer work. Like you, I prefer automated systems.

I love learning and I feel more empowered by knowing more, so here I am absorbing everything I can about Scrapebot (and other bots and other styles of marketing). Such info will be useful to me either to market my own wares or to offer consulting and marketing services to others. So at this point in time, my primary outcome is to become an expert in....pretty much all internet marketing as it exists in 2019, so that means endless experimentation. Smile

I have used Automator and I love it. As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals this week is to get down and dirty with Automator and REALLY give it a run to become even more familiar with how I can use it. The way your using it is beyond me at present but I'm getting there. My first good Automator project for this week is just to generator round-the-clock dofollow lists. I sense some obstacles I'm going to face, but since I've not really worked with this task just yet, I'm not sure how much of a challenge it'll be.

BTW, I didn't realize *you* had a list service. Is your site also or do you have something else?

Also -- since I'm learning, I'm trying to determine the effectiveness of Scrapebox and similar marketing tactics in 2019 and moving forward. I know that I wish I'd used it a few years back, but I missed the boat Smile It's clearly an effective tool in many areas, but this style of SEO seems significantly less effective than just a few years ago.....especially in the age of Facebook.

I did quite a bit of internet marketing 20 years ago and am just not re-entering the game. Clearly much has changed in that time so I'm playing a lot of catch-up.
So your still building links using scrapebox these days? Are you doing any/all comments or are you talking another form of links? I havent used it for links in years.And is this for churn and burn or something youve had long term? If the latter whats the timeframe?I have accumulated a large list of the stat sites over the years its one of the very first things I do for a new site, I like the ip diversity and sort of pillowing effect, and can fill up a lot of the link checkers (whatever slips by spyder spanker) with all those links vs your good onesI'd be willing to trade lists if anyone has something similar of value we may be able to get at least some fresh ones. 

I just looked I have about 34k urls that I have marked as valid, and about 8k of those are unique domains. Have not checked validity in quite some time though.

(08-02-2019, 05:24 PM)bennyboy Wrote: Thanks, I will look further into it. Did you get any good results with this method please?

I mean, it's no longer 2009, so the results are decent but not explosive.  I think this is a great method to use in addition to other strategies.  I'm still learning (well, we're all always learning, right?), but it seemed like it produced a significant bump.

Not only have I been indexing my own sites, but when I use Scrapebox to make posts, I often go back and index many of the best sites from which I posted.  It does no one any good to have backlinks from sites  that aren't themselves indexed, I figured.  Maybe this strategy is pointless, but it felt intuitive.  Obviously there's not enough time to index every backlink to every indexing site, so I had to pick and choose.

I also used these two sites partly as the basis of creating my own list of indexing sites

Once you enter some data in the two above urls, it's pretty easy to copy/paste all of their urls and replace the submitted URL with Scrapebox's {website}. 

When creating your own mega indexer list, note the inconsistency between urls in free lists you find on the web.  Some will show stuff like    


and all kinds of other combinations.  This is because previous people like us have simply copy-pasted lists together without trying to repair them.  I've found it useful to do a search and replace for everything so it's always simple /{website}   You can add your own "http://" or "https://" in front of your submitted urls if you like.

My list isn't perfect but I have to adhere to the Pareto Principle and say it's good enough.  I spent hours putting it together and it's mostly good, but I could easily spend many more hours making it perfect haha...perfect isn't necessary for Scrapebox, I'm finding.

Good luck!

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