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How To Harvest High PR (pagerank) Blogs using Scrapebox
You sucks !

Don't post useless message please.
Really awesome video i like so much Smile
These videos have been very informative for all newbies after purchasing Scrapebox as i believe looking at Frankies videos it has given me personally so much more insight on how this wonderful tool works and how you can complete various jobs using varying selectors on the Scrapebox tool.

Thanks Frankie for taking the time and effort to complete thse videos to share with us all.
Very clear video. I learned more about PR. Thank you =)
I am just curious if I need a private proxy for this? and if so, how many? I don't want my IP to be banned.
Generally yes you want private proxies, that way you can harvest quicker. Else you can use the delay option and slow things way down and you won't get banned either.
Again, this is an old video that I made back in January of this year so it’s nothing really new. It’s similar to the video I posted before showing how to harvest high PR forums and manually post. This is essentially the same thing but instead of using the fast poster, it demonstrates scraping blogs, sorting by PR (page rank) and manually commenting on the high PR blogs for stronger inbound links.
No links has been found, can you upload it again?
upload what?

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