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How to minimize sbox while extra screen is up?
I obviously can minimize the program when thats all thats up, just like anything else.

But when I have an addon running, or if im plowing thru a list of urls grabbing information or whatever has a secondary screen up, I cannot minimize either. I can drag the second screen out of the way but that doesnt do me much good when the main sbox program screen is still just stuck there blocking part of my desktop

I swear just the other day I accidentally did something where it minimized both but I cannot replicate

How can I do this?

You can click on the show desktop icon in the bottom right/all the way right on the task/start bar.

Or you can right click on teh scrapebox icon in the task bar and minimize.

Also scrapebox has an option that allows you to minimize it to the try and not the task bar
I see the icons in the bottom right, but neither of the instances i have running are doing anything when i right click on them. One is open and harvesting but the other one is just open with nothing running.

I dont have a problem minimizing the program when its just sitting idle, but when harvesting or having an addon open i cant minimize it and it just blocks most of my desktop which is very impractical

Not sure what im missing
Different functions have different things, but I know in teh automator there is a button, when its running that lets you minimize it all
i just tried finding the email from sbox support when i asked them about this before but i cant find it, i remember they had no solution at the time which seems strange

i basically move the program as far down to the bottom right of my desktop screen where I can still just barely see the function button that i need, then click that and start the addon or harvester and then i can minimize or move that down . far from perfect
Yeah, thats probably the best bet if you cant' minimize it. That or the show desktop button (which I use constantly).

I don't run scrapebox on my local machine though, I only do production of stuff on servers. Plus I have a 32 in screen so that helps, but when Im doing stuff locally like testing, which I do do locally, I just hit show desktop, then launch whatever I need (although the majority of my stuff is pinned to the task bar anyway so half mute in my case) and then open up whatever I need over top of scrapebox or anything else.

But I feel like there is a solution, Ill check it out and contact support and see.

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