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How to scrape .ac, .edu, .gov, .res, .mil and .us
These are hot backlinks, real hot commodities. I'm sure you all know... Thing is they are tough to get a hold of easily. Sad

Now I can scrape and get backlinks to most of these with time, but the .mil links are literally killing me.
I have spent so much time trying to find a .mil page that doesn't moderate so strictly that i'm stressing myself to death.

Does ANYBODY have a footprint to help scrape useful .MIL links that i can backlink to?

On a side note is there a more effective way to scrape for all of these without sifting through too many?
.ac, .edu, .gov, .res, .mil and .us

Got this link from another post on the forum - it's a 176 page guide with foot prints to all kinds of things - including the links above that you want.
This all are the domains used by different persons according to requirement.
learn to build custom footprints and create merge files using the %KW% placeholder

Something like:

"%KW%" "leave a comment"
"%KW%" "leave a comment"
"%KW%" "leave a comment"

Then merge this with your list of keywords and go harvesting.

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