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How to scrape the google search engine for hyperlinks or anchor text point target

I am bangging my head on how to make this happen..

anyone can help?

How can i scrape google for this:

for example I want to look for a site that is linking back to

<a href="">

how can i make this happen?

That used to work well and still works some, but google has made it much harder to find backlinks these days. You can use a paid tool like majestic of course.

but also you can get a free moz api and get up to the 1000 limit that moz allows using the backlink checker addon.
I have checked your videos and tried the merge thingy.. it can find backlinks but only a few.. why so? hmmm

tried majestic but it only shows visible links.. i am looking for alinks that majestic/ahrefs blocks

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