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How use Expired Domains Finder in Automator?
hello guys,

I have premium plugins Expired Domains Finder and Automator.
In Automator i dont see options to automate Expired Domains Finder tasks.

How i automate Expired Domains Finder in scrapebox?

The expired domain finder does not work with the automator, so you can not. The expired domain finder is really its own self contained unit, you can't really do anything in scrapebox with the data once you have it, and it doesn't really need to have bulk data inserted in it by an automator process. So it doesn't really make sense to have it in the automator.
Hi loopline, thanks for the answer.

My idea is to automate the search for domains expired automatically... With these domains I could then scrape your content via archive.org or maybe use the domain as a pbn. I'm going to think in another way, thank you!

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