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Hub page pinging
Has anyone been able to use the pinging to increase page views on hubpages or squidoo lenses? i tried this a few months ago but it never registered any page views.
Nope never tried hubpages, but I've tried other stuff that got me some good targetted traffic.

Think outside the box, what more options are out there except for hubpages and article directories?

Find some niche targetted sites on which you can increase your counts.
Not all work, but once you play around with different sites you will start to notice a certain link structure and thus be able to tell which ones you can cheat and which ones are cheat safe Smile
Thanks Eric, one of the things i like about hubpages it is a good link but they nofollow your link till you get a hubpage score above 75 and getting visits to your hubs is an easy way to get there and was hoping scrapebox would be able to get me there.

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