The Blueprint Training

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i need an instructor for poster
i try to use the poster and not really get along with that.
I'm looking for an instructor with a payment that will teach me and set thing for me with ANTDESK

my skype is tzin.nir just replay to this thread Smile

I don't use skype and I don't work for pay in this area, but Im happy to try and help you free if you tell me what is wrong?

Screenshots welcome.
i dont realy know, i did all that i read in article and see on videos.
even the site in the movie give me faild.

this is why I I'm looking for some body that can connect with anydesk, set things up and let me run Smile
I also want to buy more plugins like the yellow pages but I need to see its working.

if somebody here in the forum I will be very glad 


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