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Index Checker
I'm using Google index checker and would like to know what it actually checks for.
I tested with a list of 35 of my websites, in all instances the home page and with correct http or https. and www or not www,
I only get 12 indexed, and while some are indeed not indexed, at least 80% are in reality when checking by hand on Google.

What's the search string that's used?

PS I get 18 indexed on Yahoo, and 14 on Bing, and I never tried to index on either one of them.
If you are using the latest version of scrapebox it is using

to verified if something is indexed or not.
Can't be that, can it? at least it would have to be
Still, why do I get so many NOes.
Anybody willing to check a list on their Scrapebox? Where I constantly get No, whereas a site:... search on Google of course returns results.
Just tested this with and without trailing slashes, with and without http(s):// and I get different results.
And there are some domains that always get a NO, no matter how I test them, while they get always found when I do a site:xxx on Google, whether with or without /, https etc.
Some other feedback gets interpreted as NO, imho.
Anyway, not reliable at all for me at the moment
sure post a few urls here and what you get.

According to google, and basically the rest of the world to, all of these are 100% unique as far as being indexed by google, and each one of them can serve up different results, so they are all different urls basically

So 8 urls that may say are all the same, because they all resolve to the same content, but to google that is 8 different urls and they will index or not index each one individually.
i understand that (except http and https are now combined, they changed that about a month ago)
OK, here is an example -- my personal "business card" page:

In google it gives the exact same result for:
and a slightly different one for etc.
(but also indexed for all variants)

On Index checker and are not found, and are found. Similar inconsistencies with www

Here's the export:

And I now I've updated to I get more YESs but still a few NOs...
Bing and Yahoo have varied, too.

Let me also add that the YES/NOes are consistent from one run to the next, so it's not likely a proxy issue (as they would be rotated, no? I have plenty)
What happens when you use no proxy and just your local IP?
Interesting, then they're all indexed.
Could that be different google versions due to different IP countries?
I'll change to only US proxies and have a look,
(I have to use proxies, or else the VPS IP will burn in no time with "site" queries...)
Yes, that was indeed the source of the problem. If I only take Tier-1 proxies (US, UK, Germany, France) all indexing shows. If I add Thailand, Korea, etc. I get mixed results.

The consistency of the results, though, seems to indicate that Scrapebox doesn't use proxies randomly, but always in the same sequence?

Anyway, many thanks for you your help. Loopline
Different features of scrapebox use proxies differently, some random some in sequence and yes I think this one is in sequence.

Also there are different google data centers and yes some fully index things and some only partially will show certain things as indexed, it just depends on their algorithm.

So you just want to be index checking with an ip that is in the region where your traffic would be coming from.

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