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Indexed Checker - wrong data

I noticed google indexed checker not working properly for me. For some domains it says not indexed
for example   .. no error or anything  just says not indexed... which is not true
Did you update to the .119 as there was some change in google code, but it was fixed in .119
(12-18-2019, 10:06 PM)loopline Wrote: Did you update to the .119 as there was some change in google code, but it was fixed in .119

Yes my scrapebox is updated to  Angel
hmmm I mailed support and did some testing, Ill get back to you.
Ok, SB says not indexed, and in a browser it doesn’t show the URL for me when using the “Use url as is”, meaning just putting in the url.

When using site: yes there’s subpage video URL’s from the domain that are indexed but the URL is not indexed and not shown in the results. Checking if a URL is indexed works on the URL level, just because one URL from a domain is indexed doesn’t mean the root page, sub page or any other pages is automatically classed as indexed.

So when checking for that exact page, treating the root page as its own unique url, google is not returning it, and since its not returned scrapebox is saying that specific root page is not indexed. So its just reporting what google is returning. So its accurate in this case.
OK thanks for the clarification.
That domain is strange if I do  and pick some random result and copy paste it to SB then for some urls it says indexed and for some other not indexed. If I do it manually in browser I cannot see any difference between such urls

edit: I did some testing and looks like I was wrong and SB was right. Sorry for that :\

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