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Is it possible to get a list of an Instagram accounts followers using Scrape Box ?
Is it possible to use Scrape Box to get a full list of all followers of a 3rd party Instagram user (eg not an account i control) through the instagram website ?

I know i can click followers, but it only loads around 100 followers then you have to keep scrolling to load the rest, for a large account this could takes ages.

I note that if you inspect the followers number at the top of the page it shows a URL like this 

but clicking that just loads the modal window where you get the 100 followers+ that you have to scroll through, if you try to navigate direct to the URL it redirects to 

No, I mean you can get the first 100, but scrapebox does not support javascript, so it won't scroll as the scrolling loading more is done by javascript/script
i've been doing this for a few month now, its probably not the best way to do it but this is how i do it

https://youtu.be/FI0qGMgto8E (watch near the end, that part if for you)

i have found about 600k instagram accounts doing it this way

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