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is there a way to download listal galleries using SB?
I want to download several galleries from listal like this (obviously not the thumbnails or resized pictures but the normal size of every picture):

but they use a weird folder structure and none of the pictures downloaders I've tried, work with listal. I know SB has an image downloader, is there a way to do this using SB?
You need to extract the internal links. Because the images on those pages are just thumbnails so thats what gets downloaded.

Use the link extractor to extract internal links or the grab urls by crawling sites to get the internal links because the thumbnails link to a new page and that new page has the image you want, so you have to point the image downloaded at the new page with the full size image on it. Else the downloader downloads what it sees on the exact page its on and that exact page only has thumbnails.

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