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Leave This Page - Stay on This Page
When I use the Slow Poster method, SP will stop and wait for me to press a command when that annoying window comes up that says...
Do you Want to Leave This Page - then you have to click either Leave This Page or Stay on This Page.
This is a script that "some" webmasters put on their pages to keep people on their site; however it's a nuisance when running SB in Slow Post mode. It pauses the program until I press Leave this Page.
I use IE9 and also Firefox. There is a script to block this
onbeforeunload script from running, however with IE9 and the newer version of Firefox there is no way of entering a script into the userscripts file that will prevent this "nag Box" from loading onto my screen.
Every time it loads it Stops SB from running.

Anyone found a solution to this problem?
I found the solution to my own problem.

I discovered the Learning Mode / Poster Beta in the ADD-ON's which uses sockets like the Fast Poster instead of the IE rendering engine as in the Slow Poster.

Problem solved... see....
Now the latest Update to SB fixed this problem. Now when using Slow Poster there are no more Nag windows popping up of any kind.

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