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Link Checker
Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Link Checker addon.

Using 10 fresh proxies, and no issues with firewall or Malware bytes, the latter was turned off for attempted link audit.

The website is on a staging platform but should be crawlable.

I am seeing the error "Error Socket Connection"

I've tried reloading SB after turning proxies off, closing SB and restarting.  I got the same error with no proxies.

Can anyone help guide me to what I am doing wrong, please; thanks?

Kind regards,

A Socket error is when something messes with the socket its self, this is local. Its happening on your machine most general, although could be in the network.

so don't just turn off malwarebytes, actually add an exception for the entire scrapebox folder. Do the same for all other security software and try disabling any non critical programs for the test. Then you can turn other programs back on 1 by 1 till you find the culprit. Unless just adding exceptions in security solves it.
Hi Matt,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

OK, my private proxies have expired, however, I scraped proxies for SB use featuring these ports:


I've added an exception in Firewall for the full folder in Win Defender, Malware Bytes was not running at the time.

I have a URL I need the broken links for by tomorrow am. New job, don't want to let them down now I've said ScrapeBox can do it!

Not sure why it's not working. All other running processes have been closed.

I'll be purchasing the automater this month as I am tired of faffing with proxies.

All the best.

Your running the link checker? Don't use proxies.

using public proxies for any task that requires accuracy is like shooting yourself in the foot, its only going to lower success rate. But the link checker doesn't even need proxies as long as you keep the connections low.

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