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Link extractor not working well
Unsure what's going on.  I had used this in the past without any issue.  I've continuously updated since then and now I'm having problems.

For the last few months I've been trying to use it and I'm greeted with "Error sending data: (121002) The operation timed out".  Or "Server certificate invalid or not present"

Sometimes it will complete, sometimes it won't.  Seems to pick and choose.  It's pretty sad because it used to work flawlessly.

Any help?
Try updating to the latest version does it work?

Also make sure you put in full valid urls that have http:// on them

lastly you can test with no proxies because it could be that the proxies are causing a timeout.

Second lastly, lol is that it could just be security software. Make sure you add an exception for the entire scrapebox folder in all security software. The link extractor is working fine for me and I know its popular with thousands of people using it daily.

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