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Long google arguments returning 0 results
I've created a series of arguments for specific keyword searches using google that work in the browser but return 0 results using scrapebox. I've changed around some parameters in scrapebox to increase timeouts etc.. but i'm getting nowhere.

I'm using the merge feature to combine my search parameters with my keywords so an example would be:

I add these keywords into the "Harvester & Keywords" section on scrapebox
Butcher shop

I then use the merge feature on a text file that has values like the example below and I have 100+ of these the difference being the "locationConfusedomecity, somestate" argument

-"*.edu" -"*.gov" -"*.org" -"news" -"wikipedia" -"instagram" -"tripadvisor" -"facebook" -"youtube" -"mapquest" -"yellowpages" -"yelp" -"linkedin" -"manta" -"indeed" -"buzzfile" -"hotels" -"apartments" -"beachhouse" -"banker" -"business directory" -"rentler" -"pinterest" location:Laredo, TX

-"*.edu" -"*.gov" -"*.org" -"news" -"wikipedia" -"instagram" -"tripadvisor" -"facebook" -"youtube" -"mapquest" -"yellowpages" -"yelp" -"linkedin" -"manta" -"indeed" -"buzzfile" -"hotels" -"apartments" -"beachhouse" -"banker" -"business directory" -"rentler" -"pinterest" locationBig Grinurham, NC

-"*.edu" -"*.gov" -"*.org" -"news" -"wikipedia" -"instagram" -"tripadvisor" -"facebook" -"youtube" -"mapquest" -"yellowpages" -"yelp" -"linkedin" -"manta" -"indeed" -"buzzfile" -"hotels" -"apartments" -"beachhouse" -"banker" -"business directory" -"rentler" -"pinterest" location:Boise, ID

I'm using the exclude for specific words and the exclude wildcard domain arguments in my string above so i'm thinking something in this footprint it throwing the scrape process off or it's simply too complex to return results in the time allowed.

I'm using private proxies btw. 25 of them, set with 60second delay.
Does anything immediately jump out at anyone on what I'm doing wrong?

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