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MOZ changes - time for 3rd party?
Is there a possibility to bind in (or other API-based metrics services) - "Check metrics" in the main window works only with Yandex, and the Page Authority plugin works with (free) MOZ, which will be severely limited in a few days -- see below:
Changes to your free Moz API plan*

As an active user of Moz's free Links API plan (Mozscape), you need to know about a few changes on the horizon which may affect your dataview and some interactions with our API. In addition to the planned release of Domain Authority 2.0 on March 5th, the following updates will be made to free Links API plan on March 31st.

Our fraud reduction measure

Moz will require a credit card in order to continue use of the free Moz API plan. This is part of our efforts to reduce fraudulent abuse of our systems and ensure a better experience for all of our users and customers.
Your card will only be charged if you upgrade your API plan or purchase another Moz product.
Free API use with some reduced limits

We've made significant investments in the quality of our link data and metrics over the past year, but still desire to offer free access to our API.
However, the number of rows returned per month will be reduced from the current maximum of up to 25,000 rows, to up to 2,500 rows. Request rates will remain the same, at one request per ten seconds.
If you'd like to increase your row limits, consider switching to the Entry Level Links API plan.
If you have questions or concerns about the changes taking place on March 31st, please share your feedback here.

All the best,
The Moz Team
Im not sure what will happen from here. I did pass this to support.
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