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Need a person who is an expert with Scrapebox scraping
Quote:Hello guys. I need someone who is an expert with scrapebox scraping. What I need is someone who could scrape Instagram URL's for me with scrapebox. Basically what I need is Instagram urls scraped from specific locations , only USA/UK cities. I will use these urls to scrape with another program that i have and I will get additional info such: email, followers count, bio and so on, thats why I firstly need scrapebox in order to get Instagram URL's. Here is how the Instagram URL's scraped with scrapebox looks like:

So I really believe that a person who is experienced with SB scraping - will understand what I mean.

Please contact me through PM. I'm ready to pay good for this kind of help!
i have a method for this get in touch have been using it for months now
im getting

isntagram/username from scrapebox

then scraping in a custom tool i have had built

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