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Need help with custom footprint
I am trying to use this custom footprint and I'm getting nothing

“Name” AND “*mail” AND “Leave a *” AND “Comment” AND “* comment” AND "%KW%"

I select radio button for custom and enter about 5 keywords. Then I merge my file with the above footprint. That all appears to work. I also have all the sites checked in the bottom and I'm using proxies

However, when it harvests, I get all red in Google that it hasn't harvested. Yahoo says it returns about 5 results, but the results form shows 5 blank lines.

Is my syntax incorrect?

Hi staciet.

Have you tried doing + instead of AND?

Also try removing the * as I don't think SE's will use that operator, though I haven't tested it.

Looking at your footprint also, I can see that you are looking for all those factors being present. It could be an idea to take off the kw bit for now, and then see what happens.

Tweak it a bit, and you should start to find results.



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