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Need some facebook likes and social signals free?
I'm currently throwing up web 2.0's like its going out of fashion and every time I add a social bar to the bottom of pages truth be told it look like crap, with all the Zero's, I know this must annoy a lot of people that can't do much about it so here's a solution to get your appearances up (naturally focused more for lower tiers and not money sites, as I don't know anyone that would throw off their analytics with money sites so be advised).

AddMeFast - basically this is a website you go onto and hit surf webpages minimise the browser and your off, yeah one of those sites! but it actually does work if you don't have the ability to affect social signals in any way this is an option

Two ways to make it work for you

1. get an account and in the background leave it running, list your URLs and say what kinda social bump your looking for and as you accrue points it spreads over your selected URLs

2. (ADMIN delete if not suitable or edit out I defer to your judgement but didn't want to not include it)

Message me for a bot Wink

The reason I posted this was because the more and more I'm ranking sites and fighting day to day in the serps i'm finding it more and more that a diverse link profile just romps it home for the top 3 pages, I know a lot of people have not quite got to grips with social media and those Zero's look rubbish, so as a preventative measure of filling in the gaps where your skills might not yet be at, Addmefast it is and you can fake it till you make it.
If you even get an instagram bot, it usually adds you lots of fake followers and likes, so it's definitely necessary to have a service like https://spamguardapp.com/ to get rid of spam and instagram ghosts to improve the account's productivity

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