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New Range Of VPS Hosting Plans ►► Scalable ★ Robust ★ Economical ★ Powerful
MilesWeb introduces an excellent new range of VPS servers. These virtual private servers are powered to host resource intensive websites perfectly. At MilesWeb it is believed that as the business needs grow, the web hosting technology should also evolve. The VPS hosting packages provided by MilesWeb are perfect for the webmasters and business owners who want all the features of dedicated servers at a low cost. All the virtual private servers are setup on the powerful Hexacore servers that perfectly support the functions of the website.

Highlights Of The New VPS Server range:
  • Scalable RAM
  • Connected to a 1 GBPS port to offer supreme connectivity
  • Daily backups
  • Real time monitoring
  • Full root and administrator access

The Finest Feature - Customers get the capability of rebooting the VPS, reinstalling OS, resetting the password and they can also check the statistics.

The VPS hosting packages are given below:

Techie | 1 GB Scalable RAM

1 CPU Core>>50 GB Disk Space>>512 MB Fixed RAM>>500 GB Bandwidth>>Monthly Price : Rs.1200/-

Executive | 2 GB Scalable RAM

2 CPU Core>>100 GB Disk Space>>1 GB Fixed RAM>>1000 GB Bandwidth>>Monthly Price : Rs.2000/-

Competent | 3 GB Scalable RAM

2 CPU Core>>200 GB Disk Space>>2 GB Fixed RAM>>2000 GB Bandwidth>>Monthly Price : Rs.3200/-

Sharp | 4 GB Scalable RAM

3 CPU Core>>300 GB Disk Space>>3 GB Fixed RAM>>3000 GB Bandwidth>>Monthly Price : Rs.5100/-

Expert | 5 GB Scalable RAM

4 CPU Core>>400 GB Disk Space>>4 GB Fixed RAM>>4000 GB Bandwidth>>Monthly Price : Rs.8100/-

In order to get complete details about these packages, visit : MilesWeb VPS Hosting

The VPS servers introduced by MilesWeb provide with complete value for money as the website performance is ensured at all times as a result of scalable RAM. Users would get a whole new web hosting experience with this new range of VPS servers offered by MiesWeb.

With MilesWeb you can be sure of getting the best! If you have any questions, you can drop us an email at sales @ or call us at 1-800-103-1811 (Toll Free) / +1-214-501-7255.

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