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Hello, I am new to seo and scrape box and would like to ask a general question. I am looking to target a specific type of business i.e location and number of employees. Is there a way to build a "footprint" in order to scrape url's of a business based on the number of employees...or maybe using a keyword like small business etc...any help would be appreciated thanks Newhere
Well not really. You have to bear in mind that when scraping its like going to google or any other engine in a browser and putting in your footprint in the keyword box. So with that said, you are relying on google to have either found your content on the page or to believe your page is about that content.

Google has no way of knowing the number of employees of a business, but it could possibly know if its a small business, maybe. So that part is a probably not, but maybe a slight chance.

So the other half of your question would require the business to list on the site, explicitly either how many employees it has or a general range. Ive seen a lot of business sites - some of them may tout the fact they are small business, local, family owned etc... (But even big business like Johnson and Johnson says its a family company) but I don't think Ive ever seen a business that just says we have X employees. I mean its probably out there, but Id guess its the exception not the rule.

So you can try searching for "Small business" plus your keywords and/or locations, and you may have some decent success, but Id expect results to be mixed at best.

Using something like yellow pages or some other directory might get you further faster. I don't think yellow pages lists the number of employees, but there may be some directory somewhere. Or even some government website maybe you can get a list and just download it.

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