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No Url export Rank tracker V2.0
A feature of V1 rank tracker i loved was the ability to export url's alongside rank data and the keywords used and was wondering if it is being re-added in the new build at some point or are you dropping support for that?
In V2 you can click on Export and export as excel and it exports all the keywords with the ranking data, is that not what you want?
On v1 there was a option to export a list of keywords with a list of urls associated to each keyword and using this data we could see what ranked for each keyword and at what place but now we cant see this information.

Required Data

Keyword Google Date Rank Google Urls
allinurl:blog "leasing computers" 29/07/2015 1
allinurl:blog "leasing computers" 29/07/2015 2
allinurl:blog "leasing computers" 29/07/2015 3
Ok, I see what you mean. Ill mail support about it.
(08-03-2015, 08:07 PM)loopline Wrote: Ok, I see what you mean. Ill mail support about it.

Thank you, that's very much appreciated
Your welcome. Im not certain if they will add it or not, but when I find out Ill let you know.
Unfortunately its the only part of scrape box we need because of the ability to export search terms alongside urls, so we are stuck using V1 for the time being, because we need to know what search terms have pulled what keywords, otherwise its just a list of 100k + urls and its meaningless to us
Well like I said, I mailed support, however the primary developer is in the hospital at the moment, so its just going to be a bit before they get worked thru things. Can't say for sure they will add it, but for now you can of course keep using V1.
Any news on this feature? It's just we cant use your product to its full potential since we are stuck on V1 without it
Thank you for adding this feature to scrape box, we can now start using it again as out main SEO tool

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