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Not posting enough
I use SB 1.16.04 to post comments on about 4500 blogs, but I get only 45-60 posting results. I also downloaded SB 2 and tried to do the same, but the new version is too slow even for harvesting!
So, the question is how can I get more result in the posting and why SB2 it so slow for me? *

*I use 10 privet proxies
Can you provide more details? 2.0 is faster at scraping and posting by FAR. I can scrape over 1 million urls per minute with 2.0, and FAST poster is WAY faster then in 1.x. So can you tell me what errors you get? Maybe some screenshots etc...?

Perhaps its bad proxies as well.
I watched your video about SB2 and followed your steps almost nothing get in harvesting.
Do you mean, even they are passed google test result, they may be bad proxies? But how come in older version with 30 keywords and same proxies, I get about 4500 harvesting results?

By the way After I downloaded 2. from the official SB site replaced exe file with older version.

Just for your info: harvesting in SB 2. about 15 minutes, its very slow and here is the results:
Engines 1 footprint 23 keywords 31 harvested 74 black list 0 saved 74 active threads 30 ====> 5904 error
Yes they can be banned for your queries. those 5904 errors are every time a request was made and it was blocked or errored out, so its the proxies. You could try a sample run of harvesting with no proxies, how does it go?

Are you using advanced operators in your search queries?
I tried harvesting with no proxies still the same very slow and lots of error!
As I mentioned before I downloaded SB 2. from and got only exe file which I copied in older SB files and replace exe.
Just wondering maybe I have a corrupted file.
I don't think corrupt files would do it, but you should try downloading it again and placing it in its own brand new folder. It will generate any needed files and folders automatically.
Okay I did download and put it on new files with privet or public proxies still the same slow I put a screen shot on BHW to show its slow.
Ok, Ill just reply there.

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