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Operator was working fine till 10 days ago, now it's not
I've been using scrapebox to find contact us pages. The operator that I've been using is: inurl:contact. I've scraped roughly 50 million URL's in the past couple of months using that operator and those proxies. I've been using 25 proxies per server (I have 5 servers running scrapebox). I run the servers pretty slow - 1 Google thread with RND set at 40 seconds on the high end and 4 seconds on the low end.
I've been using private proxies from and they've worked great until the last 10 days or so. I've had the proxies replaced twice in that time and it hasn't made a bit of difference.
I had one server using 25 proxies from Squid Proxies and it did really well, so I ordered 100 more about a week ago when MyPrivateProxy's proxies weren't working and the Squid Proxies didn't work any better.
I really haven't had a lot of trouble scraping using that inurl:contact operator. When I did have trouble in the past it would be on 1 or 2 servers out of 5, but now it's on all 5.
I'm at a loss now and could really use some help from those of you who really know what you're doing.
Can you be more specific on the trouble your having in so much as what exact errors are you getting when scraping? What version of Scrapebox are you using?

If I were going to take a stab in the dark Id say google is cracking down more, or just cracked down on that query and/or in conjunction with your proxies and your proxies are banned.

You might need some back connect proxies, but I would need more details.

Can you post some screenshots or a video? Then I can give you more info.
Thanks for the advice on back connect proxies loopline. I had never even heard of them before, but I got some and they're working like a charm. The problem I was having was that the proxies would basically make it through about 1 keyword each before being banned. I was going really slow, but it didn't seem to matter. There were other rookie errors that I was making with V2 as well though - such as leaving "Use server proxies" on. Thank you for the help!
Ahh yes ok. Server proxies will do it and yes google bans much faster now. Glad the back connect proxies are working for you, they can work a treat to be sure!

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