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Page Scanner - How to target text in paragraph?

I'm currently working on unlinked mentions and finding that using the intext:brand name isn't enough so I've been using a variety of operators, but am in the need to check whether the brand name is in-text or not. For this type of link building targeting titles is usually a lost cause, so I was trying to figure out how to use the page scanner plugin to detect <p>brand name<p>, but in my tests it doesn't seem to be working. How would one accomplish this? 

Thank you!
The page scanner looks at the entire html of the page and unless your using a regex it looks for an exact match.

So your text would literally have to be <p>brand name<p> or it won't match.

So whatever you put in will match anywhere in the entire html and it has to be an exact match or you can try your hand at regex and see if that gets done what you need.

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