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Ping Connections
Could someone please explain the Ping process to me ?
What exactly it does and how many connections to use as it's something i've never done before and as one of my main sites has just come out of the sandbox i'd like it to stay out if possible.

Thanks for reading Smile
If you mean the ping ping here's a post with video:

If it's the RSS ping here's another video:

It's not much that happen here, I hope there will become more life in this forum, I think it could be a great place.
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I am currently doing some network programming and had a couple questions concerning timeouts.

Is there a recommended timeout in doing a ping?

Also, is there a recommended timeout in doing a URL connection?

Edit: In my case, with the ping, I am just trying to see if a device is connected to the network. With the URL connection, I am trying to open a URL and get the text from it.


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