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pr and more bl's and current ranking
ok i'm chuffed with myself

have been trying to pick up as many tips as poss.

got 121 BL's on yahoo with only 2 key words long tail,

ive been going after blogengine blogs. Big up the chocolate man

except for the first 60 everything is done manually as much as possible
the comment is wrote more or less specifically for the group of 10 i have picked

then write something short to cover all ten

most of them arent much but it seems to be working, as in my niche with these keywords i have a current yahoo PR no lower (second page) than 20

yeah i read them, not in entirity, enter the captcha manually also

so my question is this how do i improve?

i reckon i have to keep the continuity flowing, some how increase the depth and range of the links (as i can sell my product to any one on the web)

any ideas!

its good to talk

SB lovin it!

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