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Prenium article scraper doesn't work
Hello, Newhere

Since i didn't found any solution on internet, i'm going to post it here.

My prenium scraboxe scrapper doesn't scrape anything at all. No matter if i use proxy or not. Private, public, even my IP. It just don't work.

I have this message :
ABCarticle : ERROR
ADashBoard : ERROR
ArticleBIz : ERROR
Selfgrowth : Error

Any one got a solution for this ?
Ok never mind.

It's working on Scrapebox v2 and not on scrapeboxv1. The v1 doesn't update in v2 so i though i had the most updated version of scrapebox until i found v2 was out for a long while !

Sorry ! Smile
Glad you sorted it. Smile V2 was a complete rewrite with over a million lines of code built from the ground up. So V1 couldn't actually "update" to it, it requires a separate download.

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