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Problem Using Email Scraper Plugin Using Proxies
When I am using Email Scraper Plugin in Search by Keywords and using harvested proxies it appears to collect emails as normal but when clicking Stop it runs down and stops at Worker threads at 1 and them locks up despite waiting a further 10 minutes I then have to force it to close and lose the emails.
What could be causing this issue? When I try without using proxies it functions just fine.
The emails are auto saved in the scrapebox folder \ plugins \ email scraper \ auto save folder.

As for the cause That means that something has locked 1 or more of the threads. This can be security software such as anti-virus, malware checkers and firewalls. So you should whitelist scrapebox in all security software and then you can whitelist the entire scrapebox folder as well.

Further any program that accesses the internet can lock threads, things like skype, utorrent etc… So you can try closing down any unneeded programs. Then if its working you can turn programs back on 1 by 1 to find the culprit.

Further computer optimization software can lock threads so you can shut any such software down.

Take note that disabling security software (such as anti-virus, malware checkers and firewalls) often only stops new rules form forming, but allows existing rules to still fire. So you have to fully whitelist in the security software or uninstall the security software(as a test).

Further some security softwar requires you to whitelist in more then one place before it takes effect.

Also note that disabling a router firewall, does actually fully disable it.

Basically you have to sort out what is locking the threads, because scrapebox is forced to wait until all threads are released. On occasion it can be your operating system that does it, so you can try restarting your machine and/or lowering total connections.
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I have carried out all your recommendations (including punching ESET av in the face) , still find it stops at 1, if I don't use proxies it completes with good results.
Now that I understand where the scraped emails live it's not such a big deal.
I have tried using a VPN and get great results (with proxies turned off), is still a secure method I can adopt this instead?
You punched ESET in the face, LOL Big Grin

Yes, VPN is fine. If you want the truth I don't use proxies when email scraping. The plugin is seen as a browser by the end site and the entire purpose of a site existing is so people can browse it. Plus they have no idea what your doing with the data, your downloading it just like a browser with a person viewing the site.

So I keep connections low and don't use proxies or vpn or antyhing and its fine. The only time you NEED proxies or a VPN is posting, because if there is a complaint.

But anything else its just about speed. Like scraping google, you can do it without proxies, but its SLOOOOOW. So proxies make it faster.

But if a VPN works, its completely fine.

If your scraping form a list of urls, you can radomize domains before you start and that helps, so your not hitting the same domain on multiple pages at once. So then you can use higher connections. IF its all the same domain, you can keep connections lower.

Even with a VPN though you still only have 1 ip, so you dont want to turn the connections up too high because

1 - you can take down a site on cheap hosting because of too many simultaneous connections

2 - the site might block you and then your not getting any emails from it and it defeats your purpose.
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