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Problems with PA DA checker
I've been getting 403 and 401 error these days
Can't check PA DA using moz API
Anyone getting this ?
(02-28-2016, 12:50 PM)buihals Wrote: I've been getting 403 and 401 error these days
Can't check PA DA using moz API
Anyone getting this ?

I'm having an issue with it too. Right now I'm using dedicated "known to be good" proxies and I just get completed with no PA or DA numbers. Is it possible for it to look like everything is working properly but it's not? There's no other indication other than "completed" but other than that's word, there's no other data for each URL.
I am also having an issue. I get no results. In the past few weeks I get a lot of 429 errors, but now I am getting no results at all. I noticed there was an update for the addon today, as well as a SB update... but it's still not working for me.

Any advice?
Today something happend and the Moz based addons of backlink checker and page authority stopped working. Probably MOZ changed their API, but support is looking into it.
Thanks for the update, I look forward to the fix. This is an addon which I use quite a lot.
Here is a copy and paste from support:

Moz has added https://www.incapsula.com which are blocking legitimate requests.

It's even doing it in a browser, and we have tried numerous useragents, referrer etc with no luck. But some requests work, and others don't even 2 requests using identical headers one may work and other may fail.

We are following this to the letter https://moz.com/help/guides/moz-api/mozs...e-api-call

We contacted Moz and they said:

"Sorry to hear about the block. Can you provide me with the IP address you are connecting from so we can white list you?"

There is nothing we can do on our end to fix this, which means it looks like the only solution is for you to email Moz support and tell them you are unable to use their MozScrape API due to Incapsula on their servers blocking the requests.

Which presents a bit of a problem if you are using proxies, multiple accounts, VPS's etc. It's a bit hard to email them 10 times and get them to whitelist 10 proxies with consecutive IP addresses.

Also Moz's solution won't work if you have a dynamic IP.

However MOZs only solution is to whitelist your IP so you will have to mail them. Here is the contact form

Several people have reported that this now just started working. So hopefully moz loosens the belt on the bans so to speak, but if its not working for you definitely contact them.

I sent a message to moz api support as suggested and asked them why i was getting 401 errors using my api credentials with scrapebox. I specifically mentioned the incapsula.com blocking thing. Here was the response:

Hey Tom,

I am on the Moz API team and should be able to shed a bit of light on this. We do not actually have any ability to support ScrapeBox as it is a third party tool, and a scraping tool. Your API credentials are working as they should, so there is not much more we can do on our end. I would recommend reaching out to SB and having the owners of the tool contact us so we can make everything work as it should.

Any ideas?
THe incapsula issue seems fixed for most anyone and it wasn't returning a 401 anyway.

401 comes most generally from when your system clock is out of sync with a built in time server. So if you go in and just change the system time rather then changing the timezone or whatever, the moz request has an expiration so then they return a 401.

So go into your windows clock and sync it with one of the world time servers that are built into windows. If you need a different time to display then just change the time zone.
Thank you, that was it. I didn't know the clock sync had anything to do with it. I appreciate it.

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