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Proxy Manager Stuck with active threads
(12-10-2015, 07:14 PM)loopline Wrote: Its related to something locking the threads, which means its something local on your machine/network. It doesn't happen for me and likely no one else either. Anti-virus, malware checkers, firewalls, 3rd party programs and router firewalls are the typical culprits. I think I answered you on Youtube and maybe another forum, so I won't write a bunch here.

But find out what is locking the threads and whitelist Scrapebox or uninstall the offending program and you should be good. You could try bypassing your router as a test, or try a mobile dongle, or friends network etc... Also you could try disabling the router firewall as a test.

This is the only running program on a VPS. I do not have access to test many of the options you mention.

You might have answered someone else but not me. First time I have ask for help anywhere with scrapebox. I appreciate the info.

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