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Proxy Posting Rules
Rules are pretty basic and mostly common sense:

*When posting proxies, ideally post the proxies directly in the thread
*If you do post a link to get them, please make it a direct link or a link via url shortner service that does not have ads that you must view along the way
*When posting urls do not post links after every proxy to where the proxy came from, please post 1 link at the end of the post to where a user can get more proxies (if you post a link at all)

Do NOT Post:
*Links that require a user to view ads before being taken to a site with the proxies (thanks for sharing but its about sharing not collecting ad views)
*Links that are not directly to a url that has free proxies on it - such as simply posting links that say "Get more proxies" but then its a link to your paid service. Open a BST if you want to sell proxies.

Thanks for sharing free proxies!

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