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Question about comment posting?
Will google stop showing my site after a while if I backlink my blog to 500,00+ wordpress blogs?

And will I get banned?
That's a hard question to answer. You definitely want to be careful when directly linking your website to a bunch of blogs over a short period of time. There are a lot of factors that play a roll in if you get penalized so its best to just play it safe.

You can play it safe by blasting links to a web 2.0 property that links to your website or you could do a 301 redirect. There are many different tricks you can try to help prevent your site from getting penalized. Some people never get penalized and others get it right away ... Google is a confusing S.O.B.
Websites don't get penalized for backlinks - people get penalized for stupid things like image stuffing (affiliate hijacking), or malware, or child pron. If you could get penalized for backlinks, SEO (search Engine Optimization) would be known as GYCBoP (Get Your Competition Banned or Penalized)

if you could get all of your competition banned, you would not have to out rank them - EVER! If they put up a new site, you start a new link campaign and drop 200k links on them in the first week their new site is up, banned / penalized , wash rinse repeat

you have to think your way through this I guess Tongue
[Image: reputation.png]

Spamming will penalize you website, if you get irrelevant back links to your site then its bad. Comments in word press does not get approved soon.
I am divided about this aswell. I have done a fair bit of direct linking to my sites with commenting, and so far no sand boxing. But I am going to back off for a while though and build direct links more slowly, and also do comment blasts to link to my AMR live article links instead. Hoping this will get more of them indexed and counting as link juice for my site.
From 50 to 700 its really bad but still I am looking some solution for your problem.
That are plenty of factors that can drop a new site like a rock and fewer factors that will drop an established site with PR like a rock. It would be best to give the parameters that you are aware of for a better picture. Also, how have your web2.0 properties (those that are pointing to your website) performed in the same time frame.
definitely comment posting is banned if you are over than 2000
Yes Jack you are right. I am agreed with you. It is very difficult to give answer of this question but i agree with jack that this comment posting is banned due to over than 2000.

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