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Question about the new pinging mode
Today i watched this video about the new pinging mode and i am wondering if this can be helpful to increase the view count of short youtube videos, like 20-30 seconds long?
Also, is pinging with relevant referrer sites can help for the ranking of a video or site? For example, the video is about iphone and i scrape iphone related pages and then ping the video using these related pages as referrer. Can google detect the referrer pages and will this help for the ranking of the video?
Regular ping mode isn't going to do anything for a youtube video. However the browser mode will inflate your views. Just make sure you don't run it on any vids with adsense on them, that could get your account banned.
Has anyone tried this using Windows 8 with the latest version of IE?
Can't say I have, does it give you an error?
Failed. Proxy isnt responding. But they are private proxies and good when checked. I imagine its something to do with the way Win 8 handles proxies.
handling of proxies should be the same, its an old concept I wouldn't see windows radically changing it, it could cripple networks all over the world. Try putting one of your proxies in IE manually, scrapebox is just using IE. Do they work manually?

If you have some working public proxies, you can test with them just as another variable.

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