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Question from a newbie

Ive recently bought scrapebox and its amazing the possibilties it has, but using private proxies seems a must have for this program because with free proxies Im getting no results in the harvester mode when using the inurl footprint

my simple question is, how can I know which private proxies will work for scraping results of google? Im not a huge scraper, I wont be scraping huge lists or footprints, but I do want to get around 500 results for some simple inurl footprints and with free proxies Im not getting that, in fact Im not getting any result at all.

Ive read about several private proxies services but I havent found a review site for them so Im not sure if they'll work for my scraping purposes. Also should I buy shared or dedicated proxies?

Can anyone shed some light into this please?

I would buy shared proxies and 500 results is nothing. If you don't want to do a bunch of keywords, don't even use proxies, just use the detailed harvester and set delay to 60 and use your own IP.

But you can use the detailed harvester and still use some proxies and go way down on the delay. Any private proxies are fine, worst case if they get blocked they get unblocked in 48 hours. Public proxies will be very difficult to find good ones that work with advanced operators, as you have found out.

The services I use and recommend are:

Another thing to keep in mind is deeperweb is google powered but has its own ip bans, so you can use them for advanced operators and maybe even have luck with public proxies, but else your private ones will work there as well.
thanks loopline,

one last question, how can I set the detailed harvester to 60 delay? I cannot find that option
Click detailed harvester and then start harvesting. In the window where you select your engines, like google etc..., in the lower left hand section is the delay box. Just input 60.

Also you can go into the engine file its self and set an additional delay for any given individual engine, but the global delay works fine, especially if your only doing 1 engine.

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