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Reddit Expired Accounts
Hi Everyone!..

Sorry if this is not at the proper place, but does anyone know a way to scrape expired Reddit accounts? I used and got some results, but the accounts identified as available were actually taken.

Any idea on how to do it?

Scrapebox can only look at markers in a page. Either status codes or text that would generally be an indication that something doesn't currently exist. The assumption then is that if it doesn't exist it can be registered.

However if reddit has banned a given account, it will show as unavailable, but also when you try to register it you won't be able to.

Now if its a case of it shows available, but the page actually already exists with an active account then either the page scanner definition (I assume your using the page scanner?) is setup wrong or something gave a false request, like a bad proxy.

So try 1 connection with those pages that had a false positive, and use no proxies, does it still show false positive?

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