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Remove Lists?
Just curious how extensive your remove list is -- My list is growing of domains that I remove automatically.  Are you pretty liberal where you post?  

How do you go about creating your own remove list (blacklist??)?
For what?

My remove list for contact form marketing is simply filters plus people who have opted out.

Im pretty liberal, lol.
Sorry I wasn't very clear Smile I've not yet moved into contact form marketing -- so that's still a new area lol

When scraping sites, I am slowly building a list that filters out sites that are completely useless to me for blacklinking, etc. Sites like Amazon.com, Youtube.com, are obviously out. I also filter out urls containing a number of other words like
my home city
former employers and business contacts
competitor names
my own name and business names
and a whole host of porn words.

While there may be times it would be useful to post to sites containing these words, I find it's pretty rare. Depending on where I'm scraping, I can get in quite a few junk urls.....so I've created several "remove" lists, depending on what I'm doing.
ahh ok, well then I don't have any remove lists that would benefit you. My heavy focus is on contact form marketing these days, so thats just what gets the most attention for me. Its different for each person. But yes a remove list is a good thing, helps you from doing the same work over and over.

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